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Broadcast Journalist, World-Traveller and Writer

Rooftop of Castle Mandawa outside my luxury suite, Rajasthan

Travelling the world has stirred my senses irrevocably. That, with an innate and fierce curiosity, led me to Journalism, at the home of broadcasting, the BBC. Here I learnt the most solid foundations in the world, and basis, to backing up my curiosity with skill, experience and sobering doses of common sense & duty of care.

Most of what I believe, stand for and values I  incorporate into daily life come from experiences and lessons through seeing, hearing and understanding first-hand accounts of those mostly on foreign soil. An insatiable appetite for the understanding of the human psyche across cultures and nations, and the most natural affinity for people means stories seem to come to me, particularly whilst abroad and exploring. That’s why I’ve decided to merge my love for reporting with my compulsion to travel the world, freelance, to document these remarkable stories.

Many are astoundingly inspiring, others unique through their inaccessibility or unusualness, but all issues that somehow changed my perception and gave me a unique insight into local life and, as such, truly deserve to be told…


All views expressed on my site are my own.

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7 thoughts on “Broadcast Journalist, World-Traveller and Writer

  1. Hey Anisha, we share the same interest about traveling and exploring the world, if you have a job opening or need an assistant for your adventures, please contact me. I never say no to exploring the world. The information on your article is very educational for travelers, amazing work!

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