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Birthday Holiday Time…but where will it be?


So, for the first time in 6 years, I will be at home in the UK for my birthday. Un-believeable, I thought!

But it’s not so bad. The build-up to the Royal Jubilee celebrations is starting to win me over. Mainly, I’ll be here for the Sunday 3rd June flotilla of a thousand boats from all over the world, floating along the Thames, headed up by the Queen. The best bit? I’ll be watching them from my balcony here on the Embankment. 

Queen’s Jubilee Flotilla along Thames

We’ve had letters through the door alerting us to the crowd controls expected to be in place outside and along here. We’ve even been forewarned to carry utility bills and ID’s if we step outside, to get back to our apartment block past manned security and crowd control police. They’re expecting hundreds of thousands to line the entire length of the Thames flotilla from Greenwich right through the heart of London to Westminster. I cannot wait! I’ll be the one merry, loud and spilling champagne on people’s heads below, probably.

But the very next day I AM going away! This time will be the first time Ever that I’ll be doing a dream destination without staying at the best most luxurious hotel in town. I’ve booked Seychelles, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, but had, in fact, been trying to save for a honeymoon, one day in the distant (perhaps non-existent) future. But then a deal came along and I thought, ‘What the heck!’

As those who know me would confirm, I’d always opt to go to the best hotel: that usually Does mean the most expensive, but certainly not the biggest or grandest. I’ll always go for the one with the fewest rooms, most secluded, the most intimate and usually, the ones that aren’t for families but couples, just because that’s what I, personally, enjoy right now. And, reviews are massively important to me. If a hotel so much as has more than a few very minor negative comments, it’s off the list. But this time, I’ve turned all that on it’s head.

I’m staying at the Banyan Tree, which has had mixed reviews. From what I’ve read on the usual TripAdvisor type sites, the hotel was once glorious and the best of it’s kind, living up to the renowned name, but seems to have fallen into some disrepair recently. However, it also very much depends on room category. So I’ve booked a good’un! I’m super-excited but slightly anxious. It still cost a heck of a lot and I’m very hopeful it’ll live up to what I’d expected.

Seychelles Banyan Tree


Seychelles Banyan Tree Pool Intendance Villa



Flight-wise though, I splashed out a bit due to the airline. I’m flying Business class on Qatar airlines, which I read has won awards for the best business class airline in the world. With little extra-special amenities such as an on-board chef and anytime dining, and the incredible lounge at Heathrow, it felt worth a try! In fact, the Qatar Airways website actually encourages flyers to arrive early to spend time enjoying the Heathrow premium lounge. That’s a first! I fully intend to do just that, particularly if the model in the picture below is around!

Qatar Airways Heathrow lounge

Qatar Airways Heathrow lounge Martini bar

So birthday holiday this year will be a week after the day itself. But that’s OK. Yep, I said it’s fine with me! Perhaps something about being 30 means that you chill out more and stop obsessing over things being exactly as you wish. And let go (a little) of control. I’ve eased up on the reigns a bit and it actually feels good. Who’d have ever thought it?

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