Traditional Concierge: luxury or necessity in classic luxury hotel?

My guest blog post: Role of traditional Conciege In a classic luxury hotel; here the regal Imperial Hotel palace in Vienna.

Hotel Insight Blog

Luxury travel writer Anisha Shah checked in to Vienna’s regal Hotel Imperial Palace, renowned for its authentic concierge.  

A cigar-sized leaden gold bullet is placed in the palm of my hand. ‘Your room key, Madame,’ proclaims an assertive and well-spoken man. Impractical?  Ah yes, but the Imperial Hotel in Vienna understands its clientele unlike any other.  Chief Concierge, Mr Moser, hotel legend and major reason that many guests return, explains that the weighted key guarantees face-to-face interaction with each hotel guest.  Too heavy to carry out, it ensures guests stop by Concierge to drop off and collect it. What better way to organically encourage conversation and build rapport? In this way, long-standing relationships have been built. And with Hotel Imperial’s large collection of return guests, such links develop into lifelong friendships. In fact, Mr Moser has travelled the world upon the invitations of his guests, being asked to…

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