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Lake Zurich, Switzerland

Lake Zurich is Stunningly picturesque The waters shimmer in winter’s icy temperatures, somehow making it look inviting.

I have just been for a walk along it’s beautiful promenade from Uto Quai to Seefeld Quai towards Zurichhorn and Bellerivestrasse.

Wide tree-fringed boulevards encourage walks or jogs. Tree branches playfully fringe picture-postcard views. At Zurichhorn the lake opens up to vast snow-capped mountain views.

Along the lake, various peaks, some renowned for skiing, are clearly visible.



Boats on Lake Zurich overlooking the Old Town Switzerland Schweiz Europe

This is the view towards Zurich city centre. The towers of the iconic landmarks Munsterhof, Grossmunster & Fraumunster grace the skyline.


Swans on Lake Zurich Switzerland Schweiz

Snowy scenes beyond the Lake.


Lake Zurich Switzerland Schweiz


Ready for Christmas in Zurich Switzerland Schweiz

A stunning bar / restaurant in which to stop on the lake.


Pretty Christmas decorations adorn a tree along Lake Zurich Switzerland Schweiz

Inside, Christmas has arrived!


Bar restaurant on Lake Zurich Switzerland Schweiz

Swans are aplenty in the clear lake waters…


Lake Zurich Switzerland Schweiz


Lake Zurich 'Zurichsee' Switzerland Schweiz

As are unique spots to admire the view


Boardwalk by a house on Lake Zurich Zurichsee, Switzerland, Schweiz. Europe winter city break


Lanterns light up Lake Zurich or Zurichsee by night, winter in Switzerland, Schweiz, Europe


Zurichhorn wooden carved seat to admire panoramic views of Lake Zurich

Zurich is a winter wonderland & takes Christmas very seriously! It celebrates in a classic manner, which I think London has lost in parts.

The Christmas decorations are dazzling and divine! Look out for them in my ‘CH should mean Christmas in Switzerland’ post!

7 thoughts on “Lake Zurich, Switzerland

    • Hi Jodi, thanks for the comment – it is incredibly scenic in winter. Enjoy the Old Town, Christmas markets & Lake area…I’ll be posting some must-see highlights soon so check that too x

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